Protein Information Management System for Molecular biology and Protein production. Designed to manage data for Targets, Constructs and Experiments.

 Benefits of PiMS to Scientists and Students

Monitors the location and use of valuable Samples. Records the details of Experiments.

Stores laboratory data in standardized formats, simplifying the search for experimental details.

Avoids the use of pre-defined workflows making it easier to record normal working practices, ad hoc experimental information and other unexpected data items.

Provides an overview of the work in progress for the laboratory head with access to details when necessary.

An Integrated Information solution
Avoids expensive errors caused by the cut-and-paste between applications and duplicate data entry.

 What is PiMS ?

PiMS is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) developed to support the unpredictable workflows of Molecular biology and Protein production labs of all sizes. More...

PiMS has features to support work on ORF Targets and Complexes, including primer design, cloning, expression and protein purification.

PiMS records data for Target imageTargets, Construct imageConstructs, Sample imageSamples and Experiment image Experiments.
Customized workflows are created with Protocol imageProtocols -configurable, reusable Experiment templates.

PiMS supports multi-site collaborations.

PiMS is accessed through a web browser, requiring no installation on the individual user's computers.

PiMS is developed with support from the BBSRC, CCP4 and Instruct and is free for academic use.

What next?

 End of Suppport for PiMS

Support for PiMS ends on 30 March 2015.
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 Getting started with PiMS

Getting started Guide
-how to start using PiMS
PiMS Concepts
-key concepts used in PiMS
Quick reference
-a short guide to using PiMS
PiMS tutorial
-for PiMS 4.3
PiMS presentation slides movie

 Try PiMS

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