PiMS Community Model

Protein Information Management System

PiMS is a laboratory information management system for protein scientists. The PiMS software enables researchers to enter data, track samples and report results during the production of recombinant proteins for structural and functional applications. PiMS will continue to be developed in response to the needs of users to provide a unified and extensible set of software tools for protein sciences. The vision for PiMS is that it will become the laboratory standard for protein-related data management. PiMS is distributed to Academic Users under the Community Model. Emerald Bio distributes PIMSpro to Commercial Users.

A dedicated website for the Community Model provides mechanisms for downloading the PiMS Software, membership materials, license agreements, and a forum for information exchange. The Community Model excludes the use of PiMS for commercial purposes, for which purchase of a PiMS pro license is required. Membership of the PiMS Community requires a license which are granted free of charge by STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council) or with charge by Emerald Bio. Royalties from sales of PiMS pro by Emerald Bio help support the PiMS Community, and insights from academic users of PiMS will contribute to the future development of PiMS. All users of PiMS are members of the PiMS Community, comprising end-users as well as code contributors. The objectives of the PiMS Community Model are: to ensure that all members of the Community have access to PiMS to provide a forum for mutual support and exchange of ideas among the academic users of PiMS to provide a forum for discussion of emerging methods in protein science which should be supported by PiMS to provide a mechanism for contribution to the development of PiMS to maximize the dissemination of PiMS

The PiMS Community Model is based on the PiMS Community Model Goals and Rules. The PIMS Steering Committee facilitates the coordination of PIMS releases and further development of PIMS to assure future compatibility of PIMS core functionality. The Steering Committee will report annually to the PiMS Community.

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